Eco Friendly Tips

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Take care of the environment and our community by following these eco friendly tips

The BG Recycling Center is located at 1040 N. College Dr.

In 2012 BGSU participated in a 3-week competition of colleges and universities to see who can reduce electricity and water use the most. BGSU placed 1st Nationally. Saving 237,239 kilowatt-hours, 422,048 pounds of carbon dioxide averted and saved $21,351 for the university.

BGSU Recycling operates seven days a week. They recycling stations have been placed on almost every floor of every building on campus.

Off campus students, like all residents of Bowling Green, are encouraged to take their recyclables to the BG Jaycees Recycling Center. The BG Jaycees Recycling Center is open 24 hours and located at 1040 North College Drive, just west of the Wood County Airport. The BG Jaycees Recycling Center can be reached by calling 1 (419) 352-5446.

Don’t throw recyclables in the trash! Recycling stations are placed throughout campus for your convenience.

  • Use Recycling bags when going grocery shopping. Most places will give you a discount on using them.
  • Reuse old grocery bags as trash bags for small trash cans, to take a lunch on campus or to carry things in.
  • Turn off your lights when your not home.
  • Put your television on a timer
  • Go weekly grocery shopping. This will cut down on food that you waste and doesn’t expire
  • Close your blinds to block the heat coming into your rooms to reduce the need for air conditioning
  • Turn air / heat off when your not in the room or on long weekends
  • Use the free campus bus for transportation between classes. There is also numerous amounts of bike racks in front of building to make sure your bicycle is safe.
  • Use a refillable water bottle to bring on campus or to the rec.

What can you recycle?

The BG Recycling Center is a 24 hr. service 7 days a week.

Office paper
Cardboard / Brown Envelopes
Scrap Metal
Clothing, shoes, electronics  & Household Items


Remove any type of attached metals or bindings
Please separate mixed office paper from newspaper and phone books
Recycle your materials by dripping them in the bin with the appropriate label

Plastic and Aluminum

Drain excess liquids from container
Rinse the container with water if necessary
Separate aluminum containers from plastic containers
Recycle your materials by dropping them in the bin with the appropriate


The BG Jaycees Recycling Center can be reached by calling 1 (419) 352-5446.

Break down any large boxes to help save space
Drop off your cardboard at any one of the many large cardboard recycling bins located on campus

How to Stay Green

Buy cleaning products that have natural ingredients. That way they are less harsh on the environment

Groups to Join

Friday Night Lights
A group of students volunteers to help BGSU conserve energy by turning off lights in academic buildings on Friday nights.
They have saved the University in the 2011-2012 school year $17,000
Meeting Time and Place: Every Friday at 6:30 p.m. on the 2nd Floor of the Student Union

Green Tailgating and Athletics

Bowling Green State University received a grant from Ohio Department of Natural Resources to promote recycling and waste reduction at university sporting events. The student volunteers have collected a total in 2011 of 21,922 lbs (10.96 tons) saving it from the landfills.