Inspecting Rental Property, the Renter’s Perspective

Moving to College – Inspecting Rental Property, the Renter’s Perspective

Document any damages you may find while you move in. This way you will not be responsible for the damage at the end of your lease.

As part of our tips for college students, we offer the following advice for renting a place to live. These will not only make your moving to college experience easier, but they will help make sure that you will do well in the long run.

Document Any Damages before You Move In

You do not want to be charged for damages you did not do. Go around the apartment before you move all your stuff in and document anything that is not “up to par.” Even if it is something small, it is a good idea to document it just incase.

Sweat the Small Stuff when Inspecting Rental Property

Go around the apartment and check everything. For instance, that all the appliances work, the windows open and close and there are no cracks in the windows or walls. Surface damages are good to report, but structural damages are what you need to be most aware of. Make sure the foundation is stable by looking for signs of termites, rot, water damage, etc. Additionally, if you see any type of mold, it would probably be best to find somewhere else to live.

Know Thy Neighbor

See if you can meet your neighbors before you move in. With apartments people are always moving in and out, so this may be difficult. But if possible, it is good to know who you will be living next to. If you know you and your friends may get rowdy, it is good to have a friendly relationship with the neighbors so they will call you instead of the cops.

Talk to Your Landlord

If there is something about the property that you do not like, talk to the owner about it. It is best if changes need to be made that they are made before you move in. It is important to build a good relationship with your landlord because it may pay off. You never know what will happen throughout the year, and it is best to get on your landlord’s good side.

Be Responsible

Being on your landlord’s good side is a great idea. Make sure to be responsible in turning your rent in on time.

Part of getting on your landlord’s good side is being responsible. Make sure you pay your rent on time. You do not want to be that person your landlord is always reminding to pay. Also, read all contracts completely. It is important that you know exactly what you are agreeing to. You do not want to end up paying extra money for something hidden in the contract.

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