Off-Campus Reminders

Apartment Checklist


Where do you want to be located?  Close to campus?  Away from campus?  Traveling to and from campus may be a concern when making the initial decision to move off campus. When looking for a place to live consider the location, and the daily commute. Is your potential apartment provide a free shuttle to campus, is it on a campus shuttle route? All of these things may be good things to consider for the new commuter students.


When living off campus you have the option to decide.  Do you want a lot of roommates, a few roommates, or no roommates at all?

Furnished or Un-Furnished

All houses and apartments are different.  Before signing a lease, make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you commit.  (furniture, laundry, dishwasher, refrigerator)


Washers and dryers are not always in-home. Some homes offer them, while others may provide on site laundry facilities for a per-load fee. When doing your research don’t forget to inquire and make you decision on what’s best and most convenient for you.


Know the cost of the college apartment and what is included in the cost.

Pricing and Utilities

When calculating the cost of living off campus do not forget to include utilities into your budget. Utility requirements can vary from apartment to apartment, and house to house.  When apartment and house hunting ask as many questions as needed to ensure you are making the right decision.


When calculating your monthly budget living off campus how much money will you allocate to food? Not the best cooker? BGSU provides the option to purchase commuter meal plans that will allow you to purchase food from all the on campus dining facilities.

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