Rommates and Living Requirements

Choosing a Roommate

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as you decide who to room with!

Lease and Expenses

  • Whose name will be on the lease (or will all tenants)?
  • What bills are not covered by the rent payment (the gas bill, electricity bill, water bill, cable, and internet accounts)?
  • Whose name will be on the gas bill, electricity bill, water bill, cable, and internet accounts? How do other roommates pay costs?
  • How financially stable are you? What are your income sources or other debts?
  • How will bill payments be arranged for the deposit, rent utilities and other expenses?
  • How will food and other disposable items (such as cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.) be shared/paid for?
  • Who gets the bigger bedroom?  Who shares the bathroom?  Do all roommates have the same costs?
  • Who will occupy which areas of the apartment/house?
  • How long will each individual remain a resident of the unit? Going on an internship? Study abroad?
  • Does your roommate graduate next year? What are your plans?
  • Does anyone plan to sublet? When?
  • What furniture do you have?
  • How will disputes be resolved?

Roommate Preferences

  • Do you and your roommates have the same idea of your relationship – are you looking for a best friend, someone with whom to do things on weekends, or just a roommate?
  • What kinds of leisure activities might you want to do in the apartment?
  • Is it ok to leave your books/projects laid out in the shared areas?
  • What are your feelings about the use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs?
  • What kinds of guidelines should we have for guests and/or significant others?
  • Which bathroom do guests use?
  • How will we arrange/organize cleaning responsibilities? How often?
  • How about cooking?
  • What items, electronic equipment and appliances can be shared? What cannot be shared?
  • What is your typical daily schedule (work, study, sleep, eat)?
  • Does everybody take their shoes/boots off at the door during snow season?
  • Will we have any pets? Who will take care of it?
  • Will there be special rules regarding mid-term or final exam periods?

Roommate Agreements

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