Safety Guide

Of course it is very exciting to finally live off campus, make even more friends and live a new independent life style, but off campus safety is something you need to keep in mind as well. Here are a few reminders that we think are important to always remember!

  • If you have the option, do not walk alone
  • Avoid walking through dark streets or alleys (the shortest route is not always the most safe)
  • Always let a friend know where you are going and when you expect to return
  • Keep a first aid kit handy in your car and at home
  • Even if the area is safe, it does not hurt to arm yourself with pepper spray
  • If you are running at night time, where reflective clothing
  • Do not hide a spare key outside
  • Lock all doors and windows when you leave the houses
  • Always keep at least one light on at night time, even if you are not home
  • Carry only necessary cash and credit cards
  • On campus walking alone? Contact BGSU’s campus escort service at 419-372-8360 for an alternative to walking alone at night
  • If there is ever a emergency on campus look for the blue lights to call for assistance